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The Subtle Way

If you have hThe Subtle Way-02-02.pngad to convince people you are as excited about things as they are you probably know what I’m talking about. I leave in the city where quiet is expensive. There are kids crying if you are home, car roaring on the street, and machines making things in the loudest way possible at work. The country side noisy kids and animals too. So maybe its a now (Zeitgeist) problem. I like to imagine in the country side I can take a walk to a hill and scream my guts out. but I dont know if I’m courageous enough to silence my fear of meeting the wrong stranger on the way. But I’m in the city, and the noise is everywhere. and there is no such thing as quiet. so since I can’t scream.. I’ll be quiet and let my hands do the screaming. I can’t dance out loud..But I can write out louder.